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Tie Museum ing.
Antique Furniture
Italian Fusion Restaurant
In 2011, the Nouveautes Tie Museum was opened.
It is a complex cultural space together with gallery,
editing shop, Italian fusion restaurant, antic shop,
tailor shop.
It has 26,000 ties, even re-examines tie designs worn by Freddie murcury of the British rock group Queen being recently talked about, and the tie collection worn by celebrities from around the world from antic ties in France, and England in the year 1800, and launched the Queen brand.
They include George W. Bush's, Bill Clint's, Barack Obama's, Xi Jinping's, the former presidents' of the Republic of Korea, our first president, Seung-man Lee's tie, and the Mongolian President's ties, and ties which Embassadors of the Embassy in Seongbuk-dong, and 1,000 ties or more are increasing every year.
Every May 5, we are conducting a scarf,
"Mom, Dad Cheer up!" and tie drawing contest.
Participants are increasing by 700 to 1,000 every year,
and participation is increasing worldwide.
With the philosophy of GAHWAMANSASUNG &
companies are increasingly donating and
participating, contributing to the development
of meaningful events.
Nouveautes is located at the center of Sungbuk-dong historical culture, and we hope that it will become a multi cultural space where we are responsible for your charm and taste.
These include corporate events, small weddings, brand launch shows, wine parties, poetry recitals, baking classes, small concerts, plays, cooking classes, flower arrangement classes, calligraphy classes, senior song classrooms, wine clubs, neck tie-making classes, scarf making classes in the space, which can be used as a cultural space.

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